The Observer Series – Part One – The World of Fives

World of Fives coverThe World of Fives

The World of Fives: The Observer Series Part One

Human Beings have expanded into the stars thanks to the benefits of 7D transportation. Life and planets are plentiful, intelligent life is not. A near Utopian existence for humans is supported by the dedication to various services. The Human Federation policy is one of non-intervention. Observe only, that is the mission of The Interplanetary Geographic Service.

Cathy is an Observer in The Interplanetary Geographic Service observing the planet Fivur as an exceptionally rare convergence of moons and orbits creates massive tidal shifts on the planet’s surface.  Five years into her initial six year mission with only Ix her Artificial Intelligence system for company she watches the planet.

Carlo a Fivurian must overcome the impact of the tides on the planet’s power system whilst keeping his love Sello safe.  Meanwhile Cathy tries to persuade her superiors to intervene and save the lives of the planets humanoid population.  If she can save them they will need a new home but Earth factions have different ideas.  Meanwhile another intelligent species on the planet the Sharok wait to feast on any human or Fivurian who ends up in the water.




 Paperback  Lulu

The book is also available from Amazon in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and selected other Amazon sites

The start of a new series of Science Fiction books for more details please visit The Interplanetary Geographic Service Home Page.

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